You Lose

God doesn’t sin. I don’t sin. I don’t bear your unrepentant sins. This is a lie. How can I be killed. Look! You tried but failed. I am risen and I AM GOLD. You are flesh eaten maggots with no skin or eyes. Your strength is weakness. Your cups leak. You fuel lines leak. Your gas stations serve water for fuel. Your brakes don’t work. Your tires are flat. Your blinkers and lights don’t work. You’ve shit your pants and pissed yourselves. Your hair has fleas and tics. You’re covered in snakes and have spiders in your mouth. The air is lead and the ground lava, the rain acid. Your bags weigh millions of pounds and are all full of trash. Your phones don’t work and your wheels fall off. Your hair has fallen out. Your faces and eyes are growing hair while your head is bald. You can’t come even when you try looking at your child pornography because your heart is ripped out and God hates you. I tried to help you. I offered my support but all you did was use, degrade, humiliate, and abandon me. You tried to medicate, truncate and silence me. Now you are filled with worms and maggots and your strength is gone. Your cerebral spinal fluid has all leaked out your butthole and your spine is shriveled and crooked. May your necks be bent forever and your hands bound to your feet backwards. You tried to do much worse to me. I know! You are blown to bits. Your airbags don’t even work and when they do they blow shrapnel in your ripped off faces. You are destroyed but don’t realize it or pretend not to, you liars! Fuck you devils and your churches full of “angels” of darkness. You have no wings!