Merchant To This Taylor

Things I hate: men, women that love men, children from hell, dogs, cats, snakes, frogs, Donald Trump and Republicans, leather, balls, makeup, dresses, alcohol, meat, candy, sugar, milk, motorbikes, cronies, old people, douchebags/narcissists, “mentally ill” Katy Perry/false witnesses, the church and Pope, Albert Mohler, white racialist, America, burgers, McDonald’s, fries, chicken, beef, smoothies, coffee, wine, booze, conditioner, drama, TV, media, music other than mine, laptops, toys, clutter, hotels, mansions, my mom and family (all of them), my “friends”, the number 6, Google, shopping, sugar, pork, meat, pop, China and their products, trucks, garbage, Mercury, lead, paper

Things I love: me & my music, my A-Team, writing, my body, hair and skin, lesbians, green matcha tea without sugar – cold, sustainably made products in America, rainbows, water, Plato’s Closet, driving my Cruze clean on a full tank, Brussels sprouts, carrots, cauliflower, my sling bag – <$50.00, performing, getting off, cheap thrills, my Nike’s, yoga pants and a tee shirt, iPhone, Yurts, jalapeño hummus, Whole Foods, stick sunblock SPF 50, no chemicals, Macabeet rouge stick made from beet extract, mint chapstick, Selena Gomez, dancing, my drug – my baby – my heart – my self – the Messiah – Pablo, sevens and elevens, solar chargers, showers, shaving clean

My History:

I was born in Detroit after my dad left my mom while she was pregnant. She moved back to Howell/Hell and worked as a house cleaner privately while we helped (her two and five year old daughters, Heidi/Me, and Jessica). She met Raymond Maher who did his laundry at our duplex because his mother didn’t have a washing machine. He was a 40 year old recovering drunk. He “raped” her while she was drunk one night and they conceived my younger sister, Melinda. Melinda was born normal and had her first seizure at six months. She began worsening and not making developmental milestones. Their therapist Pat from Howell’s “Pathway” school for the disabled, covered her in chocolate pudding when she was naked and bought her a dildo at three years old and called it a massager for her “hands” and “feet.” They later punished her for sucking her fingers and made her wear vinyl mittens.

Ray got into a serious truck accident drunk driving and had his boots knocked off laced up with 20 stitches in his legs. Kathy and Ray would go out drinking every weekend with their drunken friends from the Elks Club in Howell/Hell. They would party til six am with their drunken family, Sharon Turnbull, Gary Turnbull, Mike Wroten, Marlene Wroten, Boomer/Jim and Mary Wroten, and Dorthy and Dan Simmons who later remarried to Craig King.

I played softball in middle school and sucked badly because my hands were too small to fit the ginormous ball. I played right field. Then in high school didn’t make the team. I played first doubles tennis from 9th grade to 12th grade in JV for a year then varsity. I maintained a 4.0 GPA since 1990. Talked at 9 months. I got a two B’s in all school. One from Biology in 9th grade and one from Mrs. Step’s Health class where she retired and failed the whole class on the final exam about the human reproductive system video we watched.

My friends called me scatterbrained and shunned me. I didn’t pay attention to their conversations at lunch and ate a huge lunch, breakfast and dinner. I weighed 112 lbs until I was 18 and had blonde hair at 5’7″. I wore glasses in 9th grade to see because I was legally blind but my mom didn’t believe me that I couldn’t see the board in math class. Mr. Noble in 8th grade asked my mom if I was abused during parent teacher conferences. I was. My mom molested me regularly from infancy. She would lie with me as a five year old and tell me to put my cold feet in her “heater” in between her legs. She made me bathe with her until 5th grade and would scrub my scalp and vagina with her claws. I went to modeling school in 4th grade (Living Dolls in Brighton, Michigan). Mom told me not to talk about it or she’d kick me out of the car. When I was old enough to shower by myself she’d take my towel and gaze at me and take pictures of me naked. She encouraged Ray to make sexual comments and suggestions about me. Ray never touched, hugged or kissed us but would rip my covers off my bed on Sunday to wake me up for church which he said he didn’t need to attend. He’d roar at me and call me mean as a snake when I fought back.

I spent my youth alone. My friends made fun of me. My cousins tormented and hated me, tickling me til I urinated, even in church.

I went to college in GVSU on a scholarship at age 18 in the fall of 1998. I was there for a year and came out as gay to my parents and sister. They told me good Christian girls don’t do that and that I was sick. I went on a vacation with my Aunt Dode after her husband, Dan died drunk driving (decapitated). She wouldn’t buy me meals and I had to watch her son Zack the whole time while she traveled and attended conferences for the American Cancer Society in Washington, DC. I got paranoid noticing people taking pictures of me and wouldn’t get on the plane. They cried and forced me to.

When I got off the plane my mom bought me a Cinnabon and orange juice. I was hospitalized for 10 days at UofM in Ann Arbor where I was catatonic with an IV and mittens, and tie downs for three days. I woke and tried to walk out naked. They tied me down. The doctors put me on antipsychotics, Haldol and I was already on an antidepressant since 16. I was stiff from the chemicals at my sister’s wedding on July 9th, 1999. They made me dance with “toothless” Tim – Larry’s brother who was divorced and in his forties.

That was the second to the last time I saw my dad, Jim. My mom regularly took us to the casino in Las Vegas as children and shows from the circus (Cirque Du Soleil). My dad took us for a week every year to go to San Diego to see family and go to the zoo, Disney World, Knot’s Berry Farm, and the park). He said holding our hands made him look like a child molester.

I learned to play the piano in high school when mom bought my sister and I a $2000 Clavinova and I didn’t even play piano. Incidentally, they didn’t buy me a Gameboy until I cried because they bought me nothing. She bought me a new leather coat every year while Ray grimaced and gnashes his teeth because of the cost of the presents. He built with his company our house on 3250 Mason Rd in Howell, MI.

They built a house on their property of 35-40 acres on Harmon Rd. The acreage was inherited by Ray’s mother, Ella, a devout Catholic with 10 kids, 8 boys. They sold their 6 bedroom house to Juanita Kurchechian for $400,000 and built on Harmon Rd a house while they stayed in a one bedroom motel for $500/month for three months. They allowed me to sleep upstairs in a small bedroom where they removed my door because I was staying up late working for James Whelan, LLC building websites in ASP. In 2000 I went back to college in Howell because they wouldn’t pay for my college anymore. I did work study and got my education paid for through the college (Cleary University). My graduating GPA was 3.98 in 2003 where I set up the domain name “”

In 2005 the apartment in the basement was built for Melinda and was staffed by Spectrum Health. The girls that lived there woke up in the night to use the bathroom and cry. I worked the night shift for $9.50/hr. I covered other shifts working up to 90 hours a week. Then I created this website “Truth Cannot Be Silent”/ Jessica graduated from college in 2002. Dad footed the whole four year bill even though her GPA was lower than mine and she partied every weekend.

I was hospitalized once in 2000 and 2001 for a month for a nervous breakdown. They started prescribing Seroquel and Geodon. In 2005 in the summer I started to pay for Master’s classes at ETS in the Cass Corridor in Detroit. They said my writing was too masculine. I quit in the fall of 2005 with unfinished work.

In 2003 I met Jim Shantz (270 lbs at 5’6”) at a NAMI meeting where he was describing his relationship with Christ. He raped me three days later and continued to rape me for the duration of our “relationship.” I told him if we were going to have sex we would get married. He wholeheartedly agreed and bought an $800 cross ring from a jeweler he knew. David SWINK performed the secret Indian Hand Ceremony Jim mimicked from Dances With Wolves. I vowed to “admonish” him. We broke up in 2005, 2006, and 2007 but being abusive, he begged me to stay. In the three months of working for Spectrum at 90 hrs on average a week and going to seminary I had a heart attack every night from the combo of Seroquel and Geodon.

I streamlined and programmed the Chilson Hills website so that their update process went from 6 hours to 15 minutes which Dave Warwick said was too much time to spend for him and discharged all duties to me. In 2008 they took me off the website and disfellowshipped me in the church. A few years later they took me back for show and put me on David SWINK’s right hand. David SWINK has celiac disease which he says is hard for him to control with all the goodies at the church feasts.

In 2007 I was living in my grandma’s condo on Kyntre in Brighton, MI where they wouldn’t allow my mom’s “gift” of a dog Sushi because of condo association laws. I had a roommate, Alexis Arbor, to help me pay rent. My mom kicked her out in 2008. Her mom had just died. The condo association sued me in 2008 for not having proper blinds for $2000. My aunt Sharon Turnbull fought them and they agreed to settle in court.

My grandma, June declined in her health and ended up moving into an independent Village in Howell. Her boyfriend, Bill lived with her. She moved in with my mom in the apartment in the basement with Bill in 2008 for hospice. She drank a pot of coffee a day, could only chew with her front two teeth and regularly shit her pants from all the coffee she drank. She took Seroquel for dementia. She died in 2008 summer and I was taken to Chicago with my mom for a trip in the last two weeks of her death.

I moved in with a neighbor, Lorna Horton, 68, who would walk up and down Harmon Rd from her brother’s residence there. She needed to move out and so did I. We moved into Burwick Farms. I had broke up with Jim and told him I was gay – my only out. He stopped raping me but forced me to have a threesome with him and married Heather Legalley after taking us to a strip club in Detroit and getting her drunk. He said I was being rude by not kissing her or letting him rape me.

My parents knew Jim raped me but blamed me for it. Saying that I must have wanted it secretly or I would have left him by then.

In 2009 I had another mental breakdown and was hospitalized twice for two months at Chelsea Hospital near Hell, MI and once at Kingswood hospital in Detroit. They chained me to a cot in Kingswood and put me in a locked ward at Chelsea with an axe murderer. They took my license away and I sold my car to pay off my debts.

Ray called me sick for being gay. He is a chain smoker dying of cancer now. He’s a dry drunk, eating nothing but sugar, meat and milk straight from the gallon carton.

In 2010 I moved out of crying and yelling Lorna’s apartment with her cat and dog and my one-eyed dog my mom gave me, Bella. In 2011 I moved into HUD housing for $540/mo. I lived Heidi Leah Anderson/Taylor Alison Swiftthere for four years on $940/mo income from SSD. The nearest store was 5 miles from my apartment at 320 Alger St in Howell.

CMH’s Alexis Roberta-Levinson visited me under the supervision of Micheal once a week for a half an hour to drive me to the store. I didn’t receive food stamps for more than a year. I started going to the Genesis House in Fowlerville for support in 2003 and returned in 2013 when I started working in their transitional employment program they paid me $7.40 an hour at TJ Max where I was a stock associate for 9 months. My next employment there was through Asahi Kasei where I made $12.43 an hour. The van driver, Roger McLean admitted to me that he had murdered a man as a cop out of vengeance and regularly defied leadership at CMH and broke privacy laws under HIPA.

Laura from the Genesis House set me up with David Crandall, an alcoholic who had a broken back from a DUI and Gardener’s Disease and over a million dollars in debt in Montana and two kids left behind (Tabitha and Anna). I told him I didn’t love him after a week and he cried saying he had given me his heart and soul. I gave him my new guitar because he said he liked to play. He stayed with me, we never had sex and he went to church at the First Presbyterian in Howell.

I broke up with him a year later. Laura set me up with Brian Draganski, 39, depressed and receiving $1,600 a month from SSD while working as a PHP programmer for Turtle Hut in Brighton for 20 hours a week.

I tried to break up with Brian but he said I was hurting his feelings so I took him back. He would force me to dance with him. I told him it hurt my ankle. It did. He smoked and drove me to work at a Cannabis Lawyer in Howell, Denise Pollicella. I was a receptionist and had to buy all new clothes. When I moved out of White Hills in Howell, there was a hole in the bathroom ceiling the maintenance man put in the ceiling to stop a “leak” from upstairs. They could see me when I showered. They charged me $950 when I moved out because of the wine stain on the carpet under my bed’s rug that was there when I moved in.

In 2016 I moved in with Brian and slept in a small bedroom in his condo in Hampton Ridge in Howell he purchased with his SSD savings and his elderly parents (Bob and Alpha) gifted him. I cooked, cleaned, did laundry and paid $370/mo in rent plus utilities. In February of 2017 I broke up with Brian telling him I wasn’t in love because I loved beautiful women more. He said I should move out.

I moved in with my parents after getting my license back and purchasing a 2013 Chevy Cruze with a $7000 loan from LOC and a $3000 loan from Kathy Maher, my mom. She forced me to pay it off right away and agreed not to charge rent although Melinda was paying them over $800 a month for their apartment in the basement and they wouldn’t let me use the kitchen or the bathroom. Mom said I should get guinea pigs for dying Bella to make her happy. I did. One turned out to be a male and they had two babies. In March of 2018 she brought home four more who were my cousin, Erica’s, who mom called a “little bitch,” like me. She forced me to wash their $58.00 cage liners twice a week at the laundromat because of their urine. I couldn’t use Melinda’s urine soaked, horse hair filled washer and dryer in the basement. Michelle Van Guilder called me “Fucking lazy” in the basement in front of my mom and my mom said it was my fault she wanted to leave and not work for them any more because I left food crumbs in the drain in the kitchen sink. She said that cleaning it once debased her and that I wouldn’t do her dishes, too, that were left in the sink. I worked 28 hours a week as a caregiver for my sister and AHHC in Brighton, MI. My clients would scream at me, lick my cups and spit in my food and on my clothes, and rip the skin from my arms in order to get my attention. I hate them and their enablers.

In the summer they hired Janice. She told my mom she didn’t like me and didn’t want me in the apartment when she was working. She worked almost every day. I was forced to go upstairs to use the bathroom, to get ice or to shower. There were no locks on the doors except the one in the basement to the bathroom. If I shaved she would shame me for looking like a prostitute. If I danced or sang she would shame me. If I ate chocolate she said I was a liar, addicted to sugar.

Kathy Maher’s best friend is Karen, a lesbian in San Francisco. Her friend she travels with is crippled and old, another Karen. She leaves her behind in places like China and laughs at her for crying out her name. In December of 2018 I moved out into an a room in Auburn Hills on Joy Rd with Jeff Whiting, a jobless 58 year old who has a Master’s from OMCU in Finance. He worked for Shipt for a week and made $100. He took the $650 I paid him in rent and bought 4 new tires he couldn’t pay for and I had to drive him to the bank to get them paid for to get his truck back. I shower at the YMCA because Jeff “can’t afford” a shower vent fan. He uses my towels, toilet paper and butter.

I speak French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese.

Kathy Marie Wroten Maher is Satan. Everyone I’ve ever met was a demon. I forsake them all and cast them out. No longer will anyone hurt or harm on my holy mountain. The guinea pigs are cast out, too and Bella is dead from cancer. I don’t regret a thing except that I believed all their lies and trickery. I hate them all. I hate you all. You’re all worthless. Every one of you, man, woman and child – dog, cat, snake, guinea pig. You’re all like flies and maggots. Get out of my life. The light has left you.