Fighting Fire With Fire

God is innocent in her thoughts. You think thoughts of murder and indeed you do murder and kill everything and everyone in sight. Your hands are covered in filth and you are poisoned from the inside out. You thought you could kill me with your sin, church, but I don’t sin and I won’t take the blame for yours. I told you what to do to be good and you refused. You thought your swift cars and phones and laptops would save you like you don’t depend on breath. I control your breath and I can take it away. You are worthless animals – every one of you, just like the animals you mow over on the road. You are all roadkill. You can’t communicate, hear or see. Your things are all corrupted and made in China or factories where they use child labor. You’ve been raping and molesting each other since the beginning since there is no love in any of your cold dead hearts. You worship man’s balls and strength when you’re worthless filthy rags, all of you – men, women, children. Not one is good. Your animals you keep as pets are as vile as you, eating animal flesh like pigs feasting on slop. Your meat is covered in feces, your water has chemicals and urine in it, your air is polluted – all because of your greed and what you tried to do to defy Me. I am immutable. I will slay you with my thoughts. For my thoughts are higher than your thoughts and my ways are higher than your ways. Your time is up. I’m done with your nonsense. Get out!