Just Do It – Just For Men

This isn’t a Nike ad; it’s a life philosophy. What has God shown you, man, but to love mercy and execute justice. Love your neighbor as yourself and this sums up the law and the prophets. Love the Lord with all your heart and soul and mind. Just love! If it hurts people, don’t do it. There is nothing to have a theological discussion over. Morality doesn’t orbit your penis, it orbits your heart. That’s why you can’t get an erection anymore – your heart is sick.

Women don’t need your money or your drinks. They need love and beauty and fulfillment of their deepest longings. If a woman says she doesn’t want you, take her word for it. Would you want to have sex with you if you were a beautiful woman? With your scratchy hairy face, smelly breath, scowl, rough hands, hairy legs arms and chest and pot belly? No one wants that. If you can find a man who loves your body good luck but there’s little hope for that. Your personality is off-putting.

You take and expect to be given even more. When you have sex with a woman you force yourself on her and don’t even help her reach climax. All you care about is your orgasm. Then when it’s over you want her to raise your ugly, ill-tempered child that you don’t even want to help with. You barely work and when you do, you expect to be paid more than a woman because you think our labor is worthless because we are kind to you. You are disrespectful and ugly, inside and out. All of you.

You’re dead because God has cursed man since the beginning because man was such a selfish, self-serving individual, raping Eve for his own pleasure. You ruin the lives of small children by raising your voice and scolding them for having fun that you’re too uptight and cursed to have. Then you molest and rape them making them into your sick sex slaves from their infancy. Nursing mothers disgust you but you have no shame in groping a woman on the street or in the strip club.

You pay money to watch women degrade themselves and this makes you “happy.” You shame lesbians but you give them no choice when you yourselves are so mean, nasty and ugly. When a woman finds true love you shame her for it. You make women do your emotional and physical labor and still don’t thank or respect them in any way. Any woman that bows to you is a prostitute because you have no intrinsic beauty or worth.

Call yourself a Christian all you want but you don’t know Me and you never will. In fact, you have nothing in Me. All your knowledge is trash and self-aggrandizement. Your thoughts and conversations are inane and petty about sports (ball worship – in fact you do worship your own balls). That ugly, smelly shit/hair covered sack is your God and you’re not the least bit ashamed of it.

You force women to shave their bodies smooth and wear makeup, get plastic surgery and liposuction when you won’t even bother to wash your hands after you pee or flush the toilet. You are a stench, all of you! From the dust you were formed and to the dust you shall return. Your wound is incurable. You’ve written volumes of texts and learning for women to read just to get a job in this world yet your knowledge is either plagiarized or from your own stupid heart.

Marriage means nothing to you. A woman expects that a ring indicates a promise of love. It indicates a promise of shared debt with you and you know it which is why you began the institution of legal marriage. You bind souls because your own soul is decrepit and bound in the bowels of hell.

You own pets but you feed them animal carcasses. Do you really love anything? You pretend to love your dog but will shoot a doe for sport or a buck for decoration. Your life is in your nostrils – you’re one breath from being food for another animal, even if it’s a worm. Yet you don’t acknowledge it and continue killing with no reverence for life whatsoever. You’re dead and can’t give life therefore all you do is take it. You are destroyers and believe me, the destroyer is destroyed. His heart eats itself in pity, shame, guilt, jealousy, striving and anger.

You give begrudgingly and all your chivalry is for show in order to get sucked off. You expect payment for doing the most menial of tasks that you would never pay a woman to do. You get paid almost 30% more than women yet you still suck off their income and expect them to use “their” money on “their” kids. You wouldn’t lift a finger to help your wife or kids or parents or aunts or uncles, cousins, sisters or brothers, or even fathers or mothers. If you see a homeless woman on the street you pass her by without making eye contact but if you see a good looking rich girl asking for money you’ll spare some cash, just to “help” her.

Your jokes are stupid and at the expense of others because your sense of humor is sick. You are from the pit and now you shall return there. Get off My mountain!

If I were a man you would believe me but since I’m a female you discredit Me because I’m not your shit-covered ballsack. You can’t even come clean anymore you’re so putrid. You’re proud of your stench. All the cologne in the world can’t cover your filth.

You go to the gym not to get healthy but to outperform your male competitors or to look more female in order to coax women into believing you are beautiful. However, when you do get “buff” you look like raw meat and become even more self-infatuated. This is homosexuality as described in the Bible.

Your hair is falling out because you’re not blessed. Why don’t you notice this and take action to prevent it? Instead you think your baldness is sexy because it reminds women of your ugly penis that you force her to look at and pretend she’s impressed by. You don’t realize how fragile you are if she were to gag or be raped. You would die from bleeding but you don’t even think about that.

You are cast out as are the women and children who support you. To the left, goats!