The End And Beginning Is Here

Donald Trump is the Beast described in Revelations and the fulfillment of the prophecy of the abomination of desolation spoken by the prophet Daniel standing where he should not be. Abomination is a play on the word “Obama” and nation and is the absence of Obama leading our nation. Trump is the Beast who intends to put the mark of the beast on his followers hands so that they can buy, sell and trade. His number is 666 which is man’s number. Men are cursed since Adam and this is their time coming to an end which is why there is so much turmoil in the world today and misogyny and racism. All of the shootings are white man’s attempt to take the world by force because it doesn’t belong to him. Man is dead, cursed and without life and we know that the dead know nothing. They don’t know Christ. They are cursed with painful toil all the days of their life and eventually death but it is of their own choosing. In the garden, Adam could have chose to not sin and still live in the garden where food was free but he wanted to continue raping Eve – to do that he had to bribe her with money or meat or agricultural items.

The two witnesses are here and they are working. They cannot die as they know Christ. They’ve been beheaded and resurrected again. They will be taken up and indeed are already up because the kingdom of heaven is within them. They are raised to life eternal because they believed the Word which Christ had spoken. They believed God is good and will continue to believe it.

The Kingdom is here and the sons of the kingdom have been cast out. They were cast out since creation but while Abel still believed their lies she was in captivity. Eve is the female sex. Abel was also female and is the example of a girl who knows Christ. To know is to know intimately, as in sexually. Yes folks, Abel (A Belle) is a lesbian and so is Christ. Christ is female.

For centuries women have been dehumanized and abased by men in the name of religion and as it turns out, men are actually not even alive or salvageable. To sleep with one is to prostitute yourself to their degradation. To bear their children is to perpetuate their madness. Don’t bother with it. The kingdom of heaven is now and life is here for eternity. Stay as you were when you heard the calling of my voice. If you were sinning, sin no more lest a worse ailment befall you. There is no curse for those in Christ. They are healthy and sound-minded. If they sin, they can repent and be healed but they will not sin because their conscience will stop them (my voice – that still small voice).

The prostitute in Revelation is the Church who said they believed the resurrection but didn’t because they never lived changed lives. It is also Eve, the woman who prostituted herself to the devil/man instead of being with her lover, Christ. Don’t feel sorry for either Eve (the Church) or Adam (man/the devil); they chose their lot in life and in death. Man knows what is expected of him but continues to sin because he has never known/been intimate with God/Abel. He chooses not to love. This is against the greatest commandment. The Pope is the Antichrist which is why he molests children, rapes nuns, eats meat and drinks alcoholic wine. He who has tasted the old wine no longer wants the new because the old is better. The wine is the blood of Christ. The Pope does not have anything in Me and never will. I AM not drunk and never have been.

Girls, sigh in relief, your redemption has drawn near. Males, you had it coming. Women who prostituted themselves to men, you had it coming, too. You denied your heart’s desire for mammon or wealth/status. Now you’re decayed and dead just like Adam. You’ll be cast into utter darkness where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Indeed, you already are! Whoever has much talent more will be given but whoever doesn’t have talent even what little you do have will be taken away.

God’s covenant symbol is a rainbow. You’ll see it where light meets water from now on because the beginning and end is here. I AM.

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