Prostitution – Eve’s Choice

Prostitutes are people that accept payment for their love or sex or both.  If you are a woman who is attracted to a man that is one thing.  If you are not attracted to men, why do you pursue them and coax them into pursuing you?  People that prostitute themselves to men do so because it’s lucrative.  Men make more.

Sex with Adam was the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  Eve was cursed with painful childbirth when she chose to stay with Adam. She had it all but chose to give it up in order to stay with her cursed and ugly husband.  Because she stayed with Adam, she was forced to bear a son Cain who turned into a murder of his brother Abel who was likely a girl or Eve’s heart and soul (pleasing to God).

Eve was cast out of the garden with Adam and forced to raise children and put up with Adam’s ugly self.  Eventually, Eve became ugly, too, as her face began to reflect her abusive husband’s meaty, scratchy, gruff face she looked into.  She prepared meat that he hunted and killed and ate it with him giving her jowls and an overweight body.  She had frown lines and gray hair from arguing with him.  She spent her time cleaning, cooking, doing laundry and raising kids and had no time or income to help anyone else. It aged her and eventually killed her. 

She devoured her own children because she influenced them to eat Adam’s meat and prostitute themselves, selling their souls (minds and thoughts) to Adam’s sinful ways.  Her eyes’ beauty faded as she squinted in anger and jealousy at the prettier younger girls that captured her husband’s wandering eye.  Her words were sharp, biting and cruel as were Adam’s.  Her lips were thin and pursed from holding her tongue to avoid getting hit by Adam. 

She engaged in ball or Baal worship.  Not only did she have to fake pleasure to please Adam, she had to deny her true self and soul’s desires and longings to be beautiful and be with someone beautiful.  Her life well was cursed with Adam’s ugly words and scolding. Wanting to please him, she invested her income into beauty products and diversions eventually cementing her dependency on Adam. She lost her girlhood friends who no longer wanted to be associated with someone so miserable. Her grandkids grew up greedy and coveted their grandparents things. She turned to drinking, aging her further. Her teeth rotted from eating too many sweets to pacify herself.

Adam, when cursed by his own choices, was forced to grow his own food and till the fields with painful toil.  He became aggressive and abusive.  He saw Eve as a target of his frustrations and tended to prey on those that were weaker than him, including his own children.  His children hated him and resented their mother for her cowardice, hypocrisy and prostitution. They didn’t love themselves, God, or others. They failed the Greatest Commandment. They were all cast into utter darkness where there was weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Abel who was killed by their choices, but still righteous, was dead to their misery and rose to heaven to be with her gorgeous and talented Taylor (soul’s clothier) in paradise where she tended sheep. Abel (a belle/beauty) took up her white cross and went to her true home – a mansion in the hills in the land of “Ohm” (worship/thanks) and “Ah” (satisfaction/please).

Symmetry = purity = balance = beauty.

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