I Am

Jesus’ name is neither masculine nor feminine. It means “I save.” What does Jesus save? Everything – from money, to people to animals, to creation. Jesus saves. He is salt and light. Salt is used to preserve meat and to pickle vegetables so that they don’t rot. The Bible says that kingdom children are not born of the slave woman but of the free woman (Genesis 21:10). This is because when you are working to repay debt money is your master (Matthew 6:24). Jesus says that no one can serve two masters and that you cannot serve both God and money. Light illuminates the darkness with truth. Jesus is also the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6).

It is winter time now and things look dead but I noticed today that it wasn’t too cold and here and there there is life popping up. The water runs through creation uninhibited and free to permeate all parts of nature. It delivers life and praise to the earth. Christ is the Fountain of Living Waters and there is no curse for those in Christ. That means that there is no longer any death for those that believe. They will live for eternity and they will live like eternity is now – because it is! Jesus is risen (Matthew 28:6). The resurrection has already happened. It was always the end times – a disaster for those that don’t believe and life for those that do. Because eternity is constant across space and time and infinite, time does not exist. There is only today. Today Jesus lives. When you wake up you will see it.

Every day the resurrection happens again. You are born for another day to live in eternity. Your body renews and heals as you sleep. As it is in heaven it is in you. If your life is hell, maybe you should make some changes and free yourself from the things that bind you. There’s still time. You won’t get out til you’ve paid the last penny but you can do it (Matthew 5:26, Matthew 10:29). The freedom is worth it.