The Fountain Of Living Waters

Jesus described Himself as the Fountain of Living Waters. What is living water? Scientifically, it is water that is structured to form molecular crystals that are symmetrical and beautiful. Water responds much like people and substances to types of energy wether negative or positive. To positive energy or vibration, water reacts by forming symmetrical and beautiful molecular shapes. So if you play beautiful music like Mozart or Sting or 2Pac to water it will react by forming beautiful molecular patterns and shapes. If you play negative music that sounds asymmetrical or ugly the water reacts by forming asymmetrical crystals. These crystals affect the surrounding matter in a like way. Thus, we can infer that positive speech and things and sounds that are symmetrical help form living water.

I was watching a documentary about water on They said that they ran an experiment on water to see what is the best environment for living water. For three vials of water one was spoke to positively, one insulted, and another ignored. The one that was ignored suffered the most and rotted the rice in the cup. The water that was insulted turned black and slimy. The water that was praised and given positive words fermented the rice and created a sweet smelling odor.

We can understand now how we overcome evil by doing good. By cursing the darkness, we make it darker. By bringing light and praise we enlighten and uplift. That is why there is no soul too black for Jesus. His power to redeem surpasses all forces of the universe because it is the force that drives the entire planet – living water.

All life is said to originate from water. The water holds a cosmic memory of the energy it interacts with and that is how it creates life. If a spirit is negative, like the spirit of a snake, the life form that arises from the water will reflect that negativity. That is how karma and the resurrection works. The energy you put into this life determines your physical presence in the next. By next I mean now. Heaven is now.

Jesus gives us living water and what does that mean? It is praise. He offers praise and reward to His followers so that they can grow and become like Him – like God. Babies are almost 95% water and we can say that the most innocent of life forms are thus mostly water. Water is most malleable like babies are. This is what Jesus desires for all of His followers, to be adaptable, malleable and sensitive to the Creator’s touch. He wants praise from us because He gives it to us and it makes us beautiful like Him – like the water responding to beautiful sounds.