Why We Need Universal Healthcare In The USA

Today President Trump tweeted:“The DEDUCTIBLE which comes with ObamaCare is so high that it is practically not even useable! Hurts families badly. We have a chance, working with the Democrats, to deliver great HealthCare! A confirming Supreme Court Decision will lead to GREAT HealthCare results for Americans!”

Trump’s tweet on Monday, December 17, 2018

This is untrue. I’d like to confirm that the deductible for Obamacare is virtually nothing. Most low income people qualify for “Special Assistance” which pays for the deductible. It is not a financial burden to those that use Obamacare. Read more about it here. Most people that do qualify for Obamacare are those with pre-existing conditions. Families that cannot afford insurance are most helped by Obamacare because the deductible for insurance for outside providers (other than Medicare or Medicaid) is so high. With a pre-existing condition, it is virtually impossible to get insurance coverage with other outside insurance providers. Debt.org gives these facts:

The website eHealthInsurance.com estimated that premiums for subsidized Obamacare policies averaged $393 a month in 2017 for individuals, a 99% increase since 2013. And they came with an average annual deductible of $4,328. Costs for family policies skyrocketed 140% during the same period, with premiums hitting $1,021 a month in 2018 with an annual deductible topping $8,350.

This means that Obamacare policies are in general increasing at a slower rate (41% slower) than other providers’ policies. Because insurance premiums are so high, it makes sense to invest in universal healthcare. Pharmaceutical prices are soaring and continue to rise. Families with small children that are low-income would not be able to pay to take their child to the doctor when he/she became sick with the flu or other symptoms.

Think of how much money universal healthcare would save the average person. On average, median household income is $56,712 (Census.gov) and outside provider premiums are as high as $1,021/month.

If a struggling person breaks a bone or injures themselves on the job where insurance is not provided that person would end up in crippling debt, and injured, they would be unable to pay their bills. Without Medicare or Medicaid, this person would remain in debt their entire life.

If American businesses were too small to afford healthcare for their workers, their employees would be covered under universal healthcare. If a business was a big conglomerate like Wal-Mart (who currently and actively encourages their workers to sign up for Medicare that work any hours under part time) the corporation could pay out of their profits to support healthcare for their workers – thus saving American tax dollars and putting the responsibility on the corporation. Debt.org says,

In 2017, the average family premium for Employer Sponsored Insurance (ESI) coverage was $17,581. Employers cover most of the cost, with workers covering 31% of the cost. The average worker contribution to a family premium was $5,714. Covered workers’ average contribution for family coverage increased 74% since 2007 as employers shift more of the rising cost of premiums to their employees.

Time.com estimates that in 2016, Obamacare “cost [taxpayers] a total of $110 billion.” Trump’s border wall will cost an estimated 5 billion extra than Trump originally planned plus the money it will cost in government shutdowns he’s threatened with (Usatoday.com).

Here is an image of the estimated costs of the border wall:

Trump’s border wall costs way more than a year of Obamacare. With the lowest annual cost for the wall being in the first fiscal year at less than $5 million and the highest cost being as much as $1,600 million the average estimated cost for Trump’s border wall will be $8,250,000 a year. Over a period of thirteen years, it will cost taxpayers an estimated $107.25 million in addition to the five billion extra and the cost of government shutdown. Mexicans shouldn’t have to fund this wall to “protect” our wealth. The Bible says that the earth and everything in it belongs to God (Exodus 19:5-6).
Countries that do have universal healthcare report their citizens to be happier in general. For some examples and pro’s and cons of universal healthcare, look at this article by thebalance.com.