Cruelty To Immigrant Families And Trump’s Border Wall

The Trump Administration has authorized the separation of children from their immigrant families to be kept in detention centers in the desert. This is an attempt at human trafficking. The children are violently taken from their families and relocated to detention centers with no hope of redemption or reclaiming them ( Trump tweeted today,

However if you don’t separate, FAR more people will come. Smugglers use the kids!

No parent who has risked their own and their child’s life to come to find work has the heart to “use” their kids. The human traffickers are not the parents, they are the ICE workers under Trump’s direction. He blames the Obama Administration for it’s abusive child/parent separation policies. However, it was nothing like it is today under the Trump administration. reports,

Bush and Obama did not have policies that resulted in the mass separation of parents and children like we’re seeing under the current administration.

Here is a description of what one person saw at the detention center,

Then an worker described what we ended up about to see. “They have individual pods. I’ll phone them pods. I really do not actually know how they name them.” Clearly they experienced gotten the memo not to simply call them what they are: cages. Each and every issue I asked them experienced a complicated answer that led to two much more queries – even the uncomplicated question about how long persons had been held there. “Nobody is listed here extended than 24 several hours.” “Well, it’s possible 24-48 hrs.” “72 several hours max.” And “no small children are divided out.” “Well, apart from more mature kids.”

The Trump Administration promises to “Make America Great Again.” However, 13 million dollars worth of crops are literally rotting in the fields with no one to harvest them since Trump has cracked down on border security (

There are many similarities between Trump and the Nazi’s. For one, he has indicated that he is a Nazi by using their slogan “America First” and also their “heil” hand salute. White Supremists notice this and are eager to support him. Several mass shootings lately have been done by these supremists and yet the Trump Administration refuses to do anything about gun control because the presence of gun violence is beneficial to his party, not only the NRA, but also Republicans who seek to maintain their wealth hoarding through violence. In fact, the detention centers mimic Nazi concentration camps.

The Bible doesn’t condone our mistreatment of aliens and foreigners. In the OT, God commands in Exodus 23:9 (NIV), “Do not oppress a foreigner, you yourselves know how it feels to be foreigners, because you were foreigners in Egypt.

In James 5:4 (NIV), it says,

Look! The wages you failed to pay the workers who mowed your fields are crying out against you. The cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord Almighty.

Many of these immigrants are seeking asylum from unsafe conditions in their own countries. Who are we, a nation that was formed by immigrants, to stop immigrants from coming to our country to harvest our crops? White Americans aren’t competing for their jobs picking lettuce. They do not receive benefits from the government. It is clear that in some way, probably through the supply chain of defense contractors, Republicans will benefit from a border wall. The American people will suffer if one is built. We’ve already seen there is no one volunteering to do the harvesting work besides immigrants.

If you are in agreement visit this site to see what you can do. Here is a petition to stop using prison camps by Senator Jeff Merkley who recently visited one in Tornillo to find deplorable conditions.

Merkley talks about one woman’s reason for fleeing to the USA,

I did get to speak to a mother named Patricia, who is being held in a family interment camp in Dilley, Texas.

Patricia and her teenage daughter fled Honduras. She told me they had no choice after a drug gang molested her daughter as a penalty for missing an extortion payment from her beauty salon.

Here is an image of the estimated costs of the border wall:

Trump’s border wall costs way more than a year of Obamacare. With the lowest annual cost for the wall being in the first fiscal year at less than $5 million and the highest cost being as much as $1,600 million the average estimated cost for Trump’s border wall will be $8,250,000 a year. Over a period of thirteen years, it will cost taxpayers an estimated $107.25 million in addition to the five billion extra and the cost of government shutdown. The Bible says that the earth and everything in it belongs to God (Exodus 19:5-6).

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