Institutionalized Racism

The “curse” of Ham in the Bible was about debt (Genesis 9:21-28 NIV). God does not curse (Romans 12:14). Noah cursed Ham for exposing him. For those in Christ, there is no curse (Galatians 3:13). For those in Christ, there is no male or female, slave or freeman, all are equal (Galatians 3:28). Therefore, racism in any form is not biblically justified. No matter what the person’s skin color is, God does not judge based on appearances. God has not “cursed” black people because of Ham’s sin. Debt, on it’s own, curses people by forcing them into indentured servitude.

In Romans Paul reminds us not to be indebted to anyone except the outstanding debt to love one another.

Many forms of racism still exist in American culture. For one, predominately black neighborhoods are gerrymandered in order to keep black and low income people out of the polls. Also, schools in predominately black or brown neighborhoods purposely are given less funding because this keeps that population ignorant and incapable of finding jobs, getting higher education and basically perpetually economically disadvantaged. Liquor stores and gambling sites find their homes in and prey on disadvantaged people of color’s neighborhoods because those people are the most economically depressed and seeking relief in some form. Marijuana banning laws also prey on people of color because if the police don’t have a reason to search and detain a black person, they can always blame it on marijuana possession and people will vilify black people automatically because of their skin color and put them in prison. In fact, although black people make up only 13% of the general population, they make up 40% of the prison population. Their predominate offense – drug related charges (Wikipedia).

The current president, Donald Trump, uses racism to ignite hate and build his platform. The very slogan “America First” comes from an American Nazi movement that occurred in the 1940’s ( People that engage in Donald Trump’s America First hate rhetoric are traditionally whites from the American unionized labor movement who have lost their jobs due to migration of their manufacturing careers to another country, like China or Mexico. This population is typically uneducated and low income. They believe Donald’s promises to “Make America Great Again” despite the many ways in which he has shown to be dishonest about his promises. For one, by making deals with China and North Korea, Trump has shown that he does not care about the American working poor but really is interested in places where labor is cheap and even slave labor is used. He has also shown that he doesn’t care about the American poor by cutting Obamacare, trying to use hate speech to build a wall between the United States and Mexico, and using public land for oil drilling. In addition, Trump instituted a law that gives corporations a 50% tax break for moving their manufacturing facilities and jobs to places outside the US like China or Mexico (

Donald Trump does not care about the future of our country because he is extremely wealthy. He will never need Obamacare or social security income. He believes his wealth is guarded – partially, he is still seemingly afraid of black people and Mexicans stealing his wealth. Donald Trump is terrified of the free press because it’s their truth that exposes his lies and reveals to his many ignorant followers his true nature. His true nature can be seen in his verbal attacks on his “enemies” and also on innocent bystanders like Mexicans and black people. Fox News is owned by a corporation tied into his political machine and they profit on the ignorance and collective bitterness of the American people (Wikipedia). They hide under a guise of morality but it’s thin veneer can be seen clearly when they are arguing with and interrupting their guests on their programs.

If you call yourself a Christian please consider the current Republican Administration’s attacks on the poor and disadvantaged. The population that is going to be hurt the most is the elderly. The elderly are those that typically rely on cable television to get their news. Therefore, many of them are willfully joining in on the Trump rhetoric and not realizing they are only hurting themselves and their own future income because Trump intends on cutting healthcare and benefits for the elderly. Also, all of their hate toward “millenials” and the working poor is only hate against their future caregivers.