The Kingdom of Heaven Is Here Now

People often make statements that project heaven into the future or after death. Jesus said that “whoever keeps His words will never taste death.” So how do we interpret the timing of heaven? I’d like to mention that it’s no reward to live on hell on earth then be given death and heaven. Death is neither pleasant nor welcome. In order to motivate God’s people, Jesus has to offer heaven now and peace now because without it, life is drudgery. People sometimes say “if” or “when” I “go” to heaven. Jesus said “the Kingdom of Heaven is within you.” You’re not going anywhere. It’s not here nor there. It’s in you. Jesus offers a peace that transcends all understanding now. If that peace is now, peace on earth is now, and heaven is now.

When you believe heaven is sometime in the future, you forget to live right now. You think, God won’t mind if I sin one more time. I’ll just repent on my death bed. There is where the error comes in. You continue to live like you don’t know Jesus, and you don’t know Him because you’re not living for Him or enjoying the peace He died to give you because you are still sinning.

We don’t have to escape planet earth to get to heaven. Humans don’t survive well in outer space. The only way to approximate God is through the door to heaven which is Jesus, which is your renewed heart that comes from the reading and meditation on His words. Through the reading of the words of Jesus, we have the mind/heart of Christ. This affords us immortality in this moment. Like I’ve said before, eternity and time cannot coexist. You don’t have eternity and time because they are mutually exclusive – they cancel each other out. Eternity encompasses all time. In a VEN diagram, time and eternity can’t overlap; they are a circle. But don’t just hear Jesus’ words. He says, “if you love Me, obey Me.”

We don’t fly to heaven, drive to heaven, ride to heaven in a backseat or front seat. God says He will carry us to the promise land and that He will be our front and rear guard (Read Isaiah). If you’re trying to escape earth to go to heaven, ask yourself why. Is it because you sinned all your life and fouled your own nest (earth)? Did you think God wouldn’t care about generations that followed you, supposing there were any? If you didn’t know Jesus on earth and sinned all your life, you’re not “going” to heaven anyway – you’ve conceded by sinning that you don’t know Jesus. No matter how many rhinestone crosses you wear around your neck you are a hypocrite.

This is why it is important to not buy things you don’t need, don’t go into debt, and don’t buy from unethical merchants. Specifically, don’t buy products made in China. Apple products are an exception because they maintain ethical manufacturing and production worker standards. China is trying to put America into debt because they’ve fouled their nest, exploited their workers and intend to gain access to America’s precious land and water resources. They commonly use slave labor. China

Don’t buy from countries that exploit their resources.
China uses slave labor and degrades the planet manufacturing cheap wares.

isn’t the only country that does this but it is important to know where the products you buy come from so you don’t make the mistake of exploiting workers. America is now heavily indebted to China monetarily. Make no mistake, to be a debtor is to be a slave to your lender.

The fire that is hell can also be on earth. It consumes the body and drains the life force – much like sin. In fact, to sin is to voluntarily go to hell. You have a choice. If you don’t know Jesus, repent, ask God to give you the Holy Spirit and then live like you are in heaven. If you were in God’s presence in heaven, you wouldn’t sin, right? God knows every move you make and every thought you have. He is omniscient and omnipresent meaning He’s all-knowing and everywhere all the time.

You can’t kill Jesus or God, as demonstrated with the crucifixion. God never sins and never will. Therefore, if you claim you know Jesus and still plan to sin, you are admitting that you would willingly crucify Christ again and again until you are satisfied sinning, on your deathbed and crying out to God for mercy to save you. Why would He even bother? You would just sin in heaven, too, then heaven would be hell for everyone who actually deserved to be there. Since the kingdom of heaven is within you live like you’re already in God’s presence, because, ultimately, you are in His presence.

Remember the greatest commandments according to Jesus were, “love the Lord your God with all your heart,” and “love your neighbor as yourself.” God will reveal to you ways that you are displeasing Him and He will help you resolve those issues. He gives the Holy Spirit without finding fault to anyone who asks. The Holy Spirit imparts on us self control.

A word on the pronouns I use. God has not identified ‘himself” as male nor female. I don’t like using the pronoun “he” with God because men have ruined it for themselves when it comes to standards of masculinity. There is such a negative stereotype for the masculine in our culture that I hate using it. To be masculine in our culture is to be a taker rather than a giver and I don’t find that representative of God at all. God gives unceasingly. We need to acknowledge that the traditional “father” figure at least in Western culture is very negative and does not encompass the character of God by any virtue. The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus came to give life and give it to the full.

Jerusalem’s warfare is ended and her iniquity is pardoned because of Jesus (Isaiah 40:2). We sold ourselves without reason and now the Lord has redeemed Jacob. I recommend reading Isaiah to get more details.