You Cannot Sell Your Soul

Sparrows don't worry.

The concept of selling your soul is a deception prevalent in the world. God is the possessor of all souls. Your soul is your mind or your heart. Christians have the mind of Christ. It is guarded in Christ. It cannot be stolen, taken, given, possessed or killed. It belongs to God.

Your soul cannot be harmed. You allow what you believe. If you don’t believe something, it has no power to disturb you. The mind is always intact. If you get drunk, you cannot be possessed but you put yourself in danger because you may start believing things that aren’t true. For instance, if you believe you are sick, you may act in ways according to being sick. However, Christ promised wellness when He said “It is finished.” All the suffering is done. If you choose to suffer that’s because you’re not believing God can heal you. If you temporarily get lost and believe you are sick, ask God to heal you and He will.

You can’t lose your soul unless you choose to reject God’s love. If you choose to reject that God is good and that He desires to heal you, you choose to be sick and suffer. You can’t sell something that God owns – therefore, you cannot sell your soul. If you choose to get drunk and make yourself sick by believing things that aren’t true, you will find yourself worried. There is no fear in love but perfect love casts out fear. Thus if you love God you will not worry because God loves you. If God loves you, He wouldn’t give your soul away. If God owns your soul you have always known Him. How do you know if you know God? Do you believe that Jesus came to give life? Do you believe God is good and wants to help you? You shouldn’t just believe these things, you should know them.

If anyone lacks wisdom pray to God for wisdom and He will give it. If you have a desire in your heart to know God and love God, chances are, you know God. Don’t question your citizenship – God is your Father if you love Him and know Him. If you love Him, obey Him. Stop killing. Be love and peace to others and yourself. Your testimony will make you shine like the sun and there is no darkness in Christ.

The devil has nothing in Christ. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy but he has no power over Christ. Christ has all authority under heaven. By being innocent, Christ owns everything. All things are His. The devil will try to jostle God’s people but he can’t hurt anyone because he is ash, essentially. Jesus said, “by patience possess your souls.” This means don’t be afraid of anything but remember that God is faithful and everlasting. He has always been. God is the great I Am.

Don’t Be Afraid

Being a Jesus follower is not scary. We have not been given a spirit of fear but one of a sound mind that cries out for God. The world seems scary but it is all an illusion. Nothing has the power to hurt you because your soul is guarded in Christ. Politics will always be hairy as long as there are people involved. Wars might happen and rumors of wars. Even Christians sometimes say they are not afraid of anything but still fret about the end of the world coming. Let me tell you a secret: the end of the world has already happened. The world is already dead. Christ said on the cross, it is finished. He said the kingdom of heaven is within you. He said not to worry.

There is so much paranoia about the end times. People say this or that is the mark of the beast and they make it out to be so frightening. Even if you’re a believer and have nothing to worry about because you are saved you might still think that this is grounds to be paranoid. It’s not. Because the kingdom of heaven is within you, nothing can hurt you. Nothing can strip it from you besides you if you temporarily choose to be afraid and torture your own mind into thinking you’re in hell on earth. What is in your mind is what is around you. If you are at peace you could be in chaos and still not be troubled because your inside person is calm. You must always maintain your peace. No matter what. By this Jesus says we possess our souls. You see, your mind is your soul and the Bible says we have the mind of Christ. Christ guarantees peace to believers. It’s called the helmet of salvation.

Hollywood and popular media put emphasis on losing one’s heart or giving one’s heart. This is not possible. You can’t give what’s not yours. The Bible says that God owns all souls. To sell your soul is not humanly possible yet the devil will have you believe that you did if he can. No signature, thumbprint, blood covenant will sell your soul if it belongs to Christ. Christ’s soul has never been and never will be up for sale. It belongs to God. That’s how we’re saved. Your soul can’t be possessed by the devil because the devil has nothing in Christ. That means if you do sense something evil in you and you are a Christian you have the divine right to cast it out. Say get out to whatever it is that troubles you. If it’s not of Christ and you are of Christ, it will leave.

The devil’s house is divided with all types of wickness – jealousy, covetessness, violence, greed, perversity, fear, guilt, etc. He can’t stand. He’s already defeated. He’s dead. All the frightening faces and gross perverse things you’ve seen on TV, film or media can’t hurt you. They are little more than images. If they cause you to fear that is the most pain they can inflict. So don’t be afraid. Don’t let the devil’s character taint yours by exposing your mind to negative things. When you behold ugly, your face will reflect ugly. When you behold beauty, your face will reflect it’s radiance. Much like Moses’ face did when he came down from the mountain after seeing God’s backside. And imagine this: it was God’s backside that was so radiant it caused Moses’ face to glow. I mean, the people had to put a veil over Moses because he was so beautiful. Imagine what God’s face looks like.

Art in any form is worth beholding because it comes from the heart which is the place where Christ should dwell. If it’s ugly art, just remember that it’s not coming from a place of beauty and look away. Jesus can heal anything that the devil or man can do. If God is for you, who can stand against you? God is infinitely strong. He can heal anything. The devil is like a fly. Because he feeds on refuse and waste, he disintegrates with every clean thing that touches him. That’s why it’s important to know Christ because he washes away the world’s sin. He made us clean. When a fly is clean it no longer exists because a fly is pure filth. This is why the devil is no longer in power. This world is under a false spell of power much like a nightmare. The devil holds no power except what our minds attribute to him because when we have the mind of Christ we hold all power. Don’t watch TV anymore. It’s what is holding society under a spell of sleep in a nightmare that people don’t know how to wake up from.

You see much of what goes on in politics is driven by the media. Don’t let them fool you. God is still in control. Even if a baboon becomes president, nothing happens apart from God’s will. Keep thinking positive and creating positive change in the world and you will see Christ kingdom on Earth. It should already exist in your mind but your mind makes manifest what it thinks about. This is why you must think positive and never give up. Pray when you need help and God is usually delighted to give it.

Think about it, if the end of the world were to happen, what would happen? You would be dead and the dead know nothing. You’d be out of your misery if you were miserable on earth without Christ. If you know Christ you’ll just be one step to being closer to him. But how much closer can you get when His Spirit is inside of you? Seriously, stop worrying.