Overcome Evil by Doing Good

This is basically a journal entry with advice to myself. If you find it beneficial we will both be blessed by it. I have been going through some trials at work and normally I can just brush it off especially when I’m at work because I have a job to do and my mind is focused on doing it well. As a caregiver, I’ve found that over the years, working with people that need special care draws you closer to God and closer to whomever you’re caring for. Although the compensation (pay) doesn’t reflect this, caregiving can be stressful. You have to make sure your cup is full emotionally before you can reach out to help others. Having a younger sister who is severely disabled, I’ve been caregiving all my life. The people I have cared for mostly have cognitive and communicative disabilities. The two that I see the most have autism and cannot speak. I myself have Asperger’s which is a form of autism. As a Christian, I realize that in our lives there is always demonic activity trying to pull us away from God. As a person with autism who also deals with people with autism I am starting to see how it affects us.

I will try to communicate to you how it affects me. Typically it starts with a suggestion. Like in the Garden of Eden story, we perceive a lack or deficiency in God’s provision or plan (if we know it). When we perceive the assumed deficiency we start to think about it’s unfairness and God’s inability to provide for our needs in a way we would deem sufficient. Caught in a poor me or what if fallacy of thinking, we lose trust in God and start to meditate on our condition as the devil or ego has explained it to us. We will either start to worry or start to get angry. These are dark emotions that make the ego bigger and stronger. When the ego gets stronger and our trust in God wanes we start to push away from prayer and begin a meditation for chaos because the same spirit that is fueling our ego is also fueling and carrying out our fears. The bible says not to worry because worry does not help anything and nothing is achieved by over-activity in the human mind. Jesus says that we cannot turn our hair from white to black or gain a single inch in height by worrying.

In some people, they have seizures and lose control of their bodies. In me, it creates a spirit of fear and I am unable to control my thoughts. They become catastrophic and worry based and I start to withdraw socially or sink into depression. The bible says that God has not given us a spirit of fear but a spirit of sonship by which we cry out to the Father, “Abba,” or “Daddy.” In other words, God gives His children a seeker’s spirit and a spirit of worship. From our mouth should pour out praise and affection for God and our brothers and sisters in Christ.

There is a way to stop all demonic activity before it becomes overwhelming. First, stop thinking negative. You probably have some thoughts that come in involuntarily. They are fast, negative, and judgmental. However, if you choose to mull over those thoughts and repeat them you are fueling a cycle that will eventually leave your realm of control. Your ego will take over and you’ll find yourself in the company of negative spirits. If you need more help stopping the negative thoughts I recommend the second step: pray. In order to counteract negative spirits you need the sword of the Spirit which is the Word. You need to speak the truth you know about God and your situation in a prayer in order to reaffirm what you already know: God is sufficient. Essentially, God is in control and bigger than the negative thoughts or spirits you’re fighting. I recommend reading the bible every day just to remind yourself of passages that have helped you in the past. Get your bible dirty, marked up and dog-eared. I don’t mean to say you should drop it in the mud but do underline and highlight the verses that you find meaningful. Before you read, ask God to point out to you what He wants to show you for the day. It will likely be useful to you or someone else in your day’s journey.

The third way to get rid of all the negative energy is to shift your focus. Do something good. It could be small but it will occupy your thinking and focus your mind on doing good. Not only will you feel great, you will be helping someone else feel great, too. The bible says we overcome evil by doing good.

My last bit of advice to myself is to not allow anything bad to come out of your mouth. If you need to vent, do it in prayer with a spirit of confession. God is very serious about not grumbling against Him or others because it can be so damaging and permanent when your negative thoughts are spoken. It is very hard to take back negative words spoken and they can call and attract negative energy. In one way it gives people fodder to see negativity in you and dislike you. In another way, it puts you in agreement with the devil’s negative mindset. This is something that will drag your spirit down fast.

Also, I would like to point out that heaven and hell exist in our minds. One way to ensure happiness is to carry heaven in your heart and mind so that when and if you do find yourself in hell you will not suffer from it’s effects. Given the unpredictability of our world’s political climate you will probably find this useful. If you can stay positive you will realize that the Kingdom of Heaven is truly within you.

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