The Ego’s Struggle

Yesterday I got a good glimpse of the workings of the devil. I don’t want this post to be negative so I’ll keep his mention to a minimum and I might intertwine the words ego and devil. They can be one in the same. So sometimes I like to look up song lyrics when I hear a new song and find out what they’re all about. I love music but I tend to err on the side of paranoia because if I find a song I can relate to I get trippy about it and see connections where there may not be one. Anyway I looked this certain song up and it had my name in it like eight times. I thought, OK, maybe I’m supposed to pay attention to this one. As I read, the song was threatening, offensive and dispiriting. At first, I thought, OK this is from someone who knows me. Then as I read I realized that, no, this was from the devil.

In the entertainment industry the devil is very active. I don’t know why he chooses this route but it probably has to do with the fact that he can hide under many different personas without mainstream society ever suspecting anything. When I say “he” and I refer to the evil one, I don’t for sure know if “he” is male or female but I say he because it’s a little better than “it.” You see, because of the way the ego works, the devil can use pretty much anyone as a mouthpiece. Remember when Jesus rebuked his disciple Peter and called him “Satan?” (Matthew 16:23) It’s very common for the evil one to cause people to act badly when they are in the grips of the ego.

God looks for worshippers to “worship Him in Spirit and truth,” because only when you have the Spirit of God can you please God (John 4:23 NIV). If you let your ego take over you can’t please God. If you argue, quarrel, put down, and backbite other people you can’t please God either. As soon as you start to feel yourself slipping into negative behaviors you have to catch yourself and go back to the Spirit of God, which is forgiving, loving, positive, optimistic, and healthy. Pray and ask God to fill you with the Spirit as soon as you feel yourself start to get negative. Why is this so crucial? Sometimes when you act badly you can’t take back what you say. You end up looking like a fake to anyone that has eyes and critical thinking skills. When this happens you are ripe pickings for condemnation, fear, guilt, and fault-finding.

God hates what He calls the “pointing finger,” which is the problem of fault-finding and blaming in order to vindicate oneself. The pharisees of Jesus’ day were very good at this. They brought a woman before Jesus who was “caught in the [very] act of adultery” (John 8). They didn’t bother to accuse the man who was the other active participant and by their behavior, it was clear that they were shifting blame to the woman because she was an easy target.

People still do this today. It is easy to blame black people for crime, poverty, and unwanted pregnancy because our society marginalizes black people. It’s the same for women in Jesus day. Women were considered unclean for a good quarter of their adult life because they were under the “curse” of the natural biological function of menstruation. Society blamed women for much of the evils of society and it still does. During the inquisition millions of innocent women were killed and persecuted for witchcraft. The devil is a blame shifter. If he can distract people from the real enemy he can get away with much more.

I’m reading a book currently called “A New Earth,” by Eckhart Tolle. He talks about how during the inquisition the balance of power which contains male and female energy on earth was tipped in favor of male energy. Because men are more cerebral “thinkers” and women are more intuitive “feelers” and because the ego comes about from the use of the thinking mind, the ego or devil is able to have more influence in our society. This is largely the reason for the violent, destructive nature of the order of things in today’s society.

At this point in time, it is essential to remember the verse in the bible that says “no weapon formed against you shall prosper” (Isaiah 54:17). As God’s people, Christians have protection in that they have the eyes and ears of God through the workings of the Holy Spirit. God created the blacksmith to destroy and although He created a worthy adversary (because He’s God) He did not create someone greater than Himself (Isaiah 54:16). The very nature of God defies any logic that says He can be outwitted. Again, when I refer to spiritual entities like God, I use the pronoun “He” simply for the underpinnings of tradition. I don’t really believe God has a sex and I don’t really believe that he favors a sex as many traditionalists would have you believe. Like I said, the planetary equilibrium has been tipped in favor of male energy and it’s implications go to deep to the root of even our religious and spiritual understanding. This is even clear with Paul’s writings. Although Paul was a good writer and definitely had the Spirit of God he still had some sexist beliefs that keep women from fulfilling their calling today if interpreted unwisely. I look at spiritual giants like Joyce Meyer and think, wow, we’ve come a long way.

You can very clearly see the devil in today’s popular media. All of it is unspiritual nonsense meant to confuse and brainwash society. When you watch TV you allow the devil or ego to think for you. It requires no effort to be brainwashed. It can even feel good if you like to indulge in perversity. Personally, I do not watch TV because I know how big of an influence it can have over the mind. It’s even hard to look away. Just remember to examine carefully at your behaviors so that you leave no room for the devil to use you as a mouthpiece.